Worksafe (wcb) Physiotherapy

Worksafe (wcb) Physiotherapy

WCB Physio surrey cloverdale Clayton Heights

What people say about us

I have this terrible pain on my shoulder blade going on and off for 10 years or more. Dr. Susan Komar was not just precise to understand the problem but also taught me how to avoid hurting it again. Outstanding knowledge. Great experience. I would definitely recommend his services.

– Dani Q.

I visited couple of times at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & I got treatment from Susan Kumar physiotherapist. He politely listened my problem & history of injury. Then he started my treatment with his professional techniques.He is very knowledgeable, reliable & result oriented person.


I went in to see Biren. I had a sharp pain in my right buttock.He eliminated the sharp pain on the first visit. After a few treatments and showing me a few exercises, I am feeling much better!Thank You

– Gary B.

We provide physiotherapy services to injured workers with wcb (worksafebc claims ) in Surrey Clayton Heights, Cloverdale, the Langley area, and the surrounding regions. We are part of the WorkSafeBC WCB Physio Provider Network.

Physiotherapy to injured workers with wcb claims is offered free of charge on accepted worksafebc physio claims. The physiotherapist will perform an extensive assessment including testing of functional status based on injury and job demands and identification of return to work requirements . Our wcb Physiotherapists may need to contact the employer and WCB adjudicator to ensure the safest return to work for the injured worker. We always make sure that our clients are engaged in the whole process along with wcb and that all the decision-making is done together.

wcb Worksafebc Physio cloverdale surrey

As part of the WorkSafeBC wcb Physiotherapy Provider Network, we offer all our treatment options to injured workers including electotherapy , Spinal Decompression, Manual Therapy, IMS (Dry needing), and Exercises to restore strength and function. We always make sure that the worker is safe to return to work.

Workers are seeing a Registered Physiotherapist at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy and Vestibular Rehab clinic to help you:
  • Recover from your workplace injury
  • Return to work as soon as you can safely do so
  • Prevent a similar injury from happening again
During your first visit at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy and Vestibular Rehab clinic, your wcb Physiotherapist will:
  • our wcb physio will Ask questions about your work
  • Assess your injury and, if necessary, start treatment to help your recovery
  • Explain what you can expect during your treatments
  • Explain your role in recovery
  • Plan with you how and when you will be able to return to work
Who pays for your wcb physiotherapy treatments?
  • If you have reported your injury to your employer and WorkSafeBC ( WCB ) you will have a claim number.
  • If WorkSafeBC accepts your claim then WorkSafeBC ( WCB ) will pay your physiotherapist directly. You do not have to pay any costs.
  • If your claim is not accepted, you are responsible for the full cost of your physiotherapy care.
  • If your claim is pending, WorkSafeBC ( WCB) will pay for your initial first week physiotherapy visit. However, you will need to pay for any subsequent visits privately. If your claim is then accepted, your Physiotherapist will directly bill WorkSafeBC( WCB) and reimburse you any money you have paid.
  • If your claim is pending on the date of your initial visit and then not accepted, your Physiotherapist will directly bill WorkSafeBC (WCB) for the initial first week of visits only and reimburse you any money paid for these visits.
While receiving wcb physiotherapy treatment, how often should you go to your doctor?

Go to your doctor if:

  • Your condition changes significantly
  • Your physiotherapist recommends a visit
  • Your doctor recommends a visit
  • Your doctor is not required to send progress reports to WorkSafeBC for you to continue receiving compensation payments.
What if you have not returned to work as you and your wcb physiotherapist planned?

If you have not returned to work as planned, WorkSafeBC will work with your doctor and physiotherapist to confirm a future treatment plan

Your Next Steps…

  1. Request An Appointment

  2. Get Diagnosis with detail assessment and Treatment Plan

  3. Get one on one Treatment

  4. Recover & Enjoy Life Pain-Free!