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I came here after a serious knee injury happened at work. I was in serious pain and even just walking was tough. I continued treatment with Kumar for around three months and have since returned to work, almost pain free! Thank you very much Dynamic Balance for your care, professionalism, and advocating for your patients.
Chad R Walters
Chad R Walters
I’ve been to many PTs over the year, and nobody has been able to target, isolate, and identify the muscles of concern as quickly and as accurately as Susan/“Kumar”. He is also equipped with the knowledge of exactly how to bend and exercise the muscles. I leave feeling relieved and supported. I strongly recommend.
Brad Brown
Brad Brown
Was having trouble waking up with dizzziness. Went in for apt not knowing what to expect . Dr Biren explained exactly what was going on perfectly then proceded to fix the issiue. Highly recomend !!
Harsh Siddhapura
Harsh Siddhapura
Biren is a highly experienced physio. My shoulder had dislocated, and he treated it expertly. After a week of rest, he gave me muscle-building exercises to help me recover faster. Furthermore, his nature is patient-friendly, making treatment more convenient.
Kingsley Chong
Kingsley Chong
Mr. Patel gave us a demonstration of the Epley manoeuver to treat my vertigo. He answered all my questions and I left his office feeling much better. He was very professional and he gained my trust.
Belaben Patel
Belaben Patel
Best physio for sport injury . I found best physio in surrey . For my shoulder injury got better after a couple of sessions The physiotherapist provided good exercises to keep active
Tanvir Gill
Tanvir Gill
I had a very good experience with my rehab for my injury. Birenkumar cares for his patients and i recommend him to my friends and family.

Our mission at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy is to be the most trusted and respected physiotherapy & vestibular provider in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Our clinic is conveniently located at Cloverdale (Clayton Heights) Surrey BC. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of care physiotherapy service and exceptional customer service. We are dedicated to identifying solutions that will provide immediate and long-term relief for their condition, whether it is old or new.

Our physiotherapists approach physiotherapy from a whole-person, results-oriented standpoint. Each session is customized to your specific needs in order to help you resolve your pain and functional limitations as quickly as possible. We employ treatments that have previously been shown to be effective.

We are all aware that the current medical system is not always effective at determining the root cause of a problem. Unfortunately, the majority of treatments rely on medication or surgery. Despite technological advances, the focus is frequently on treating symptoms rather than identifying the root cause and providing long-term solutions.

We provide care that is centered on the patient. Our physiotherapists will begin with a thorough evaluation that includes a detailed history and movement evaluation. Our specialists understand the interconnectedness of the human body and are skilled at identifying all of the factors that contribute to your specific situation.

Our high-quality, research-backed, and patient-centered treatments focus on identifying and resolving the underlying cause rather than just treating the symptoms, allowing you to achieve the long-term and permanent relief you deserve!

If you are in pain, have a recent injury, or are recovering from surgery, our specialists at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic in will address these issues, prioritize your needs, and get you back to doing what you love!

With the assistance of Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic, you can feel better!

Is there a disease, illness, or accident that keeps you from fully appreciating and enjoying life? You are not required to feel this way! Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic can help you feel better so you can return to your favorite activities.

Physiotherapy is a safe and effective alternative to medication and surgery. Our physiotherapists’ goal is to help you achieve your health and rehabilitation goals so you can get back to living your life.

Our team will assess your symptoms and go over your medical history with you. Your physiotherapist will then create a customized therapy plan to assist you in recovering.

Your recovery is what drives us to work every day, and we can’t wait to see you healthy and happy!

If you live in Surrey, Clayton Heights, Cloverdale & Langley, BC, and suffer from pain, an accident, or a long-term illness, come see us at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic. We are a well-known physiotherapy clinic eager to assist you in finding relief.

We will be there for you every step of the way!

Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic provides assistance throughout your recovery process. We believe that our success is completely dependent on yours! We provide a comfortable, welcoming environment where you can heal in peace and confidence.

Our treatment plans can help you avoid injuries in the future and reduce pain after an injury.

We strive to provide life-changing results to anyone in Clayton, Cloverdale, Surrey & Langley, BC who requires assistance with pain management or injury recovery consistently.

In our Surrey, BC physiotherapy clinic, we strive to learn new pain-relieving techniques, broaden our knowledge, and foster a positive team environment.

Core Values

  • Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab surrey , our skilled physiotherapists are trained to quickly find the root cause of your problem and promote rapid repair.
  • Our clinicians are committed to constant professional development, so you can be certain we use the latest and most effective techniques. Our goal is to achieve our client’s goals.
  • We believe prevention is better than cure that’s why we educate our clients after recovery from injury on how to prevent the reoccurrence.

I went in to see Biren. I had a sharp pain in my right buttock.He eliminated the sharp pain on the first visit. After a few treatments and showing me a few exercises, I am feeling much better!Thank You

– Gary B.

I visited once for myself and twice for my daughter. We did not have to wait, took us in same day. The therapist took his time fully diagnosing the issue and explaining what was happening, never felt rushed. Provided self treatment regiment and sent us away. Every other therapist looks for reasons to keep you returning for more appointments but…

– Gurjant M.

The service and treatment by Susan Kumar were outstanding. My first time visiting this clinic after treating my shoulder. Kumar provided great insights and post-treatment exercises to get me back to full speed. As well, at the front desk, Ritu is very pleasant and hospitable – I’d say they’re good folks all around. Cheers!

– Manny K.

Meet The Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic Team

Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic serving Surrey, Clayton Heights, Cloverdale & Langley, BC has highly qualified physiotherapists who can treat your pain, injury, or physical impairment. For many years, we have assisted patients in regaining their health and returning to their favorite pastimes.

Our movement specialists will identify the source of your problem and collaborate with you to ensure a complete recovery.

Our Physiotherapy Practice
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Biren Patel

Physiotherapist, Cert. Vestibular Therapist

Our Physiotherapy Practice
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Susan Kumar

BPT, Registered Physiotherapist

Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic has a committed, experienced team with a track record of success waiting to help you feel like yourself again!

Long-term Pain Relief Is Just Around the Corner

Beginning physiotherapy for the first time can be nerve-racking. Our therapists will help you relax by listening to you, answering your questions, and providing clear explanations about your condition and the path to a successful outcome.

We are committed to regaining any lost function so that you can live a pain-free life. You’ll look back and laugh at how nervous you were at your first appointment!

Our goal at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic is to assist you in reaching your full physical potential! Our treatment plans are specifically designed to assist you in achieving your objectives. We recognize that no two people are alike and tailor our programs to your specific needs.

During your initial visit, one of our physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the source of your pain or the limitations causing your impairments. We will use this information to create a treatment plan tailored to your rehabilitation needs.

Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy has you covered when it comes to addressing your physical discomfort, impairments, and limitations. Physiotherapy is a safe and effective method for recovering from a wide range of injuries and disorders that impair your function.

When developing the best treatment plan for you, our therapists will consider your symptoms, medical history, and health limitations. Our physiotherapy clinic is here to assist you at every stage of your recovery.

We are confident that everyone who visits our physiotherapy clinic will benefit from our tried-and-true treatment methods, advanced knowledge, and vast experience. We’re looking forward to seeing you succeed in your recovery.

Ready to Return to A Normal Lifestyle?

Try Physiotherapy in Cloverdale clayton heights , Surrey & Langley, BC!

Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Vestibular Rehab Clinic is here to assist you every step of the way. Our success is determined by your recovery. As a result, we strive to create a welcoming and caring environment in which you can heal.

We would be delighted to speak with you and schedule a time to work with you in order to develop a treatment plan that will get you on the road to healing and pain relief. Make an appointment today!

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